Apartment vs. House

just $115/ month!

just $115/ month!

I know it sounds completely crazy to buy a house as a college student but it has its advantages. I recently read a blog by karamachelle. It was titled, “college, life, and buying a home.” She talked in her blog about how paying a mortgage was much cheaper than the ridiculously priced apartment rent fees. She found a house that made her pay just $54 a month! After seeing this I began searching for foreclosures where I live that were relatively close to ISU/ Heartland. I found one located close to Fairview Park. It is a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse with appliances! The mortgage is $345 a month. Since there are 3 bedrooms I will have roommates making my rent $115! I defiantly can handle that.

So you are probably all wondering why on Earth I would pass this up for an apartment! Well an apartment, it insures that I will be around other students. This is a huge plus in my book. My one thing against living at home and going to a community college is the fact that not many life long friendships occur. I want to live around students my age and get to know them instead of just sitting in a class two days a week barely talking to them. These apartments I have in mind are close to $500 a month. I know that I can afford that, but it is not very beneficial for my savings account with which I put money into for college tuition.

So.. Apartment or a house?