Apartment vs. House

just $115/ month!

just $115/ month!

I know it sounds completely crazy to buy a house as a college student but it has its advantages. I recently read a blog by karamachelle. It was titled, “college, life, and buying a home.” She talked in her blog about how paying a mortgage was much cheaper than the ridiculously priced apartment rent fees. She found a house that made her pay just $54 a month! After seeing this I began searching for foreclosures where I live that were relatively close to ISU/ Heartland. I found one located close to Fairview Park. It is a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse with appliances! The mortgage is $345 a month. Since there are 3 bedrooms I will have roommates making my rent $115! I defiantly can handle that.

So you are probably all wondering why on Earth I would pass this up for an apartment! Well an apartment, it insures that I will be around other students. This is a huge plus in my book. My one thing against living at home and going to a community college is the fact that not many life long friendships occur. I want to live around students my age and get to know them instead of just sitting in a class two days a week barely talking to them. These apartments I have in mind are close to $500 a month. I know that I can afford that, but it is not very beneficial for my savings account with which I put money into for college tuition.

So.. Apartment or a house?


Hello Bloggers!

For my second paper in my English 102 class I must solve a problem in my life. In solving problems, I tend to talk to my friends and family to hear their advice and opinions. If i were to write a simple paper I would not get the advice I need, as fast as I need it. Therefore, I am going to use this blog. I think writing this blog will make my “paper” successful because all of you bloggers can comment with your helpful tips, ideas, and opinions that will help my with my problem.

What is my problem you ask? I am currently living at home. My home life is great, don’t get me wrong thinking that you have to call child services on my parents. The only issue I have is that this is not the college life that I was hoping for. I choose to attend Heartland Community College to save money instead of heading straight in to my major at Illinois State University for four whole years. Had I gone to a four year university, I most likely would be living in a dorm room making life long friendships in the process.

I have applied to Illinois State University for the second time and I am currently waiting for my acceptance letter for the fall of 2013. I intend to start taking my major classes at ISU in the fall while taking my general education courses at Heartland. Attending a four year university is getting me closer to my college life fantasy, but not all the way. I NEED AN APARTMENT!

I am currently employed as a server and make good money in tips. I know that I can afford a decent priced apartment but I am not sure if I can keep putting chunks of my pay into savings. I need to learn to budget. My blog is called pennypincher123 and I will be making posts talking about money, budgeting, average costs of college and living, and anything else relating to my problem. In making this blog, my hope is that you fellow bloggers will comment and give me advice and in return I can help other students save money while in school.