Decor Couture

The downside to a townhouse rather than a student apartment is that a townhouse comes unfurnished. Meaning I need to spend some money on furniture. Its April! Which means garage sale season is on its way! I love nice stylish things but I love a bargain more. My advice is buy the ugliest cheapest piece of a so-called couch you can find and spruce it up.

I am a DIY (do it yourself) kind of girl. And seeing as my major is family and consumer science, I know a thing or two about the sewing machine. But, seeing as I am truly just starting my major in the fall I know nothing about teaching. Lucky for you all, someone else does.

All things thrifty has a large list of DIY reupholstering tutorials that will save you a lot of money on furnishing your new home. If you are like me, broke but needy of nice things; its time to make a compromise.

First! GARAGE SALE. Second! FABRIC STORE. Third! DIY. Forth! Fabulous.


Convincing the Rents

My main goal for this whole blog is to move out of my parents house.  I know my parents and just because I found that Townhouse for $115/ month which I can afford, I have to prove to them that I can survive on my own.


Here is what I need to learn..

  • Budgeting
  • Grocery
  • Bills
  • Decor

I need to do my research on all of these topics but any helpful tips on them would be lovely.  Stay tuned to see how I master each of these in hopes of moving out!