Until Then Bloggers…

I started out this blog to prove to my parents and myself that I can move out and live on my own. I talked about all of the key things that I feel I need to know, as well as what any young adult would need to know.

As of right now my problem is still unresolved. I am still at home. I hope to move out by January. I know, I know, I wanted to get out ASAP but I just recently go fully accepted into ISU. I know! Yay for me! I think that going to a new college next semester will be an adjustment so I want to make sure I can handle it. Also, I need to find reliable roommates whom I can trust.

I am overall satisfied with my research for this blog and I truly hope that other young adults can make the move into adulthood with the help of my blog. Thank you all so much for the support and interest in what I have to say! Until January…



Bills Bills Bills

I know that I needed to know how to take care of my own bills, but in talking to my parents they are thinking of purchasing the town home for me. I know! Sounds pretty spectacular.. so I will not have my own personal bills coming to my townhouse. But eventually I will, so here’s what I will do…

Alright, this is what I took from the financial class my mom made me take as a junior in high school at my church; stay organized. Dave Ramsey is his name and money is his game. He is the ultimate financer. The most helpful and important tip I can leave with you from him is to separate your money. In order to avoid debt, all bills must be paid when they are due. His very helpful tip was to use a coupon booklet (with lots of pockets) to separate the money you have for where you must spend it.

For example, on my blog, Budgeting, I listed out how to spread your money over a whole month. So, to insure that my $1,000/ month will go to exactly what I need it to go to, I will categorize it.

Many young people my age open their wallets to just one section of cash and take how every much out that they need to pay their grand total at the register. Many spend too much money on clothes (me) and others on alcohol (college life). Soon the money in their wallet is down to a bare minimum and they do not have enough to afford groceries, rent that month, etc. splitting up your money into categories, like I did in my blog budgeting, ensures that you only spend the amount you have on all they things you need. So my advice to make sure the bills get paid is to think about how much, on average, each bill will be and keep that money aside. Only touch it to pay that bill, nothing else.


Being a server, it is very difficult to figure out my monthly salary. It all depends on the business of the restaurant. On average I make:
Weekday night: $70-75
Weekend day: $50-60
Weekend night: $80-100
I work around 20-25 hours per week. For example, this week I work 1 weekday night, 2 weekend days, 1 weekend night. That means I should make around $285 this week in tips. If I were to make this every week, I would end up with $1,140 this month.
I recently read a blog at fabulouslyfrugirl.wordpress.com, from her blog I came up with this budget plan..
Rent/mortgage: $115
Grocery: $200
Phone: $30
Eating out: $120
Misc: $50
Savings: $255

Obviously, this budget is going to fluctuate, but I know I have a solid foundation to start with. I know now that I can afford to move out, it will take time to get the hang of budgeting but it will only help me for the future!

Convincing the Rents

My main goal for this whole blog is to move out of my parents house.  I know my parents and just because I found that Townhouse for $115/ month which I can afford, I have to prove to them that I can survive on my own.


Here is what I need to learn..

  • Budgeting
  • Grocery
  • Bills
  • Decor

I need to do my research on all of these topics but any helpful tips on them would be lovely.  Stay tuned to see how I master each of these in hopes of moving out!

Hello Bloggers!

For my second paper in my English 102 class I must solve a problem in my life. In solving problems, I tend to talk to my friends and family to hear their advice and opinions. If i were to write a simple paper I would not get the advice I need, as fast as I need it. Therefore, I am going to use this blog. I think writing this blog will make my “paper” successful because all of you bloggers can comment with your helpful tips, ideas, and opinions that will help my with my problem.

What is my problem you ask? I am currently living at home. My home life is great, don’t get me wrong thinking that you have to call child services on my parents. The only issue I have is that this is not the college life that I was hoping for. I choose to attend Heartland Community College to save money instead of heading straight in to my major at Illinois State University for four whole years. Had I gone to a four year university, I most likely would be living in a dorm room making life long friendships in the process.

I have applied to Illinois State University for the second time and I am currently waiting for my acceptance letter for the fall of 2013. I intend to start taking my major classes at ISU in the fall while taking my general education courses at Heartland. Attending a four year university is getting me closer to my college life fantasy, but not all the way. I NEED AN APARTMENT!

I am currently employed as a server and make good money in tips. I know that I can afford a decent priced apartment but I am not sure if I can keep putting chunks of my pay into savings. I need to learn to budget. My blog is called pennypincher123 and I will be making posts talking about money, budgeting, average costs of college and living, and anything else relating to my problem. In making this blog, my hope is that you fellow bloggers will comment and give me advice and in return I can help other students save money while in school.