Bills Bills Bills

I know that I needed to know how to take care of my own bills, but in talking to my parents they are thinking of purchasing the town home for me. I know! Sounds pretty spectacular.. so I will not have my own personal bills coming to my townhouse. But eventually I will, so here’s what I will do…

Alright, this is what I took from the financial class my mom made me take as a junior in high school at my church; stay organized. Dave Ramsey is his name and money is his game. He is the ultimate financer. The most helpful and important tip I can leave with you from him is to separate your money. In order to avoid debt, all bills must be paid when they are due. His very helpful tip was to use a coupon booklet (with lots of pockets) to separate the money you have for where you must spend it.

For example, on my blog, Budgeting, I listed out how to spread your money over a whole month. So, to insure that my $1,000/ month will go to exactly what I need it to go to, I will categorize it.

Many young people my age open their wallets to just one section of cash and take how every much out that they need to pay their grand total at the register. Many spend too much money on clothes (me) and others on alcohol (college life). Soon the money in their wallet is down to a bare minimum and they do not have enough to afford groceries, rent that month, etc. splitting up your money into categories, like I did in my blog budgeting, ensures that you only spend the amount you have on all they things you need. So my advice to make sure the bills get paid is to think about how much, on average, each bill will be and keep that money aside. Only touch it to pay that bill, nothing else.


One thought on “Bills Bills Bills

  1. Dave Ramsey is a smart man when it comes to ones finances. I’ve read some of his book and his tips have definitely helped me with budgeting!

    P.S. You’re pretty good at keeping your readers interested!

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